Triselecta®, is one of the leading saffron companies. Our brand Triselecta offers a wide range of products to meet any of your needs.

Our concept is to offer a clean, modern and easy to find design. It is very important for us to leave the consumer to see our product and verify its quality.

You will find a complete assortment of packs for our best saffron filaments, saffron powder suitable for retail, foodservice, food industries, etc. We also offer gourmet packs so we will be ready to serve any of your needs.

All Triselecta saffron packs are modern, easy to use and convenient for the consumer.
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Safrina® is an evolution of our previous Brand for the domestic market Azafrán Natural Artesano. It was born to offer our consumers a more modern, clean and updated concept and design for our products to make them easy to use. We are always working to improve our products to better serve our consumer. 

Our brand Safrina® offers a complete array of products like: Superior Saffron Filaments, Superior Saffron Powder and our Natural Paella Seasoning made only with selected spices and saffron and free of any artificial ingredient.


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Safrina® International, it is our luxury packaging for the best quality saffron. It does not need to be an expensive option. It is new on the family but extremely attractive for our customers all around the world. Our range is receiving an excellent feedback.
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