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Wellcome to our brand new website. We hope you will enjoy it and it will help to learn more about this wonderful product.
Triselecta® is fully specialized in selecting, packing and distributing finest quality saffron. Our location allow us to access in short time any destination as we are just five minutes away from Malaga international airport. We have a state of the art and fully updated facilities to follow the most exigent standards.

Saffron is an essential ingredient on Mediterranean food. It is widely used all around the world to give its excellent aroma, colour and flavour to a wide variety of foods like:

       - Risotto Milanese
       - Biryani Rice
       - Paella
       - Boullabaise Soup
       - Swedish Lussekaters

It can be also used to thousand of dishes where just a pinch of saffron will bring them to a higher level in desserts, soups, pastas, etc. One of the main targets of this website is to show consumers and dealers of saffron it is not at all an expensive product.

It goes very long because just 1 g product is enough to prepare around 20 portions of one dish so can we consider now saffron as an expensive product? In this case, we do not need to buy substitutive products which are often not good for health.

Let’s discover more about saffron and.

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