About us

We are a company located in Malaga, fully specialised in the packaging and distribution of saffron. We have a quality product, with Spanish origin and in our factory of more than 3.000 square metres.

Our mission is to bring this natural spice, one of the richest, tastiest and healthiest spices in the food industry, to all parts of the world.

made in Spain

Rigour in the processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of saffron throughout the world.

Triselecta, internationally renowned for the excellent quality of its products, has high quality standards subject to the demands of the food community.

 We have a privileged location, which allows us to have excellent communications to quickly reach any part of the world, as we are only 5 minutes from Malaga airport. This allows us to market and distribute our different formats in the main national and international distribution chains.

 We produce more than 9 tons of saffron per year and our export activity, which represents 90% of our turnover, allows us to reach more than 55 countries such as the United States, Argentina, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Japan and Australia, among others.

Our saffron, from Spain to the world.



  • 2018: Finalists in the Alas Awards for “Exporting Company”. Know more>>
  • 2021: Superior Taste Award, in Brussels.
Triselecta. Proceso de envasado de Azafrán

Our values

Commitment, flexibility and quality.

It is important to highlight our commitment to our customers, offering our total flexibility and doing our utmost to make saffron an increasingly well-known and consumed product. If you want to know more about us and our saffron, we invite you to get to know our products first hand.

Our facilities

Craftsmanship and the latest technology to obtain a top quality product.

We have facilities of more than 3,000 square metres that are constantly updated to meet the most demanding quality standards. In our laboratories, the quality of the incoming product is verified by means of a spectrophotometric analysis that helps us to determine the quality of the raw material. For the packaging process, we have a series of automated lines exclusively for labelling, listing, cellophane wrapping, cartoning or enveloping, which avoids even the slightest loss of product.

In addition, more than 50% of the energy consumed comes from renewable energies, as a result of the firm commitment we have at Triselecta to the environment.

Our world is saffron

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We have become the pioneering company in promoting the use of Spanish saffron as opposed to artificial substitutes such as food colouring, which contains tartrazine (E-102), which has been shown to cause side effects in a percentage of the population. This has caused it to be withdrawn in some countries, a measure that will be generalised to all countries in a few years. 

At Triselecta, we are committed to including our seal of quality on packaging through monitoring and quality controls.  Proof of this are the certifications we have achieved since 1998: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IFS. We also have products endorsed by the Organic Agriculture Committee, a range of gourmet saffron awarded with the Superior Taste Award 2021, as well as products with Protected Designation of Origin (SPP).

All this means that, in addition, at Triselecta, we carry out intense campaigns to promote saffron as a completely natural ingredient.

Our aim is to enhance the value of natural saffron, which is why we carry out intense campaigns to raise awareness and promote saffron.

Juan Antonio de la Coba

Commercial Manager of Triselecta

Our saffron, at the pinnacle of haute cuisine

Our product has become a reference and, thanks to its quality, leading chefs trust our product and use Triselecta saffron. Among these renowned chefs who choose our saffron are Pepe Sanchís (2 times World’s Best Paella Chef), Dabiz Muñoz (Diverxo), Sergio Garrido (Instituto del Gusto) and Chary Serrano (Masterchef).

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