MCMASA-AX1 DATE: 11-01-22 Rev. 5 

 TRISELECTA S.A., a company dedicated to the activities of grinding, selection, packaging and marketing of saffron and condiments, adapting to the needs of Quality, Productivity, taking care at the same time of the Environment and food safety required by an increasingly competitive market. We are aware of the commitment it makes to society that’s why has an Integrated Quality Management System, Environment and Food Safety in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and IFS FOOD. 

The Management expresses its fundamental commitment to comply with the requirements and enhance Quality, Environmental Protection and Food Safety at TRISELECTA S.A. and puts at stake all the necessary resources in order to achieve the fulfillment of the following Policy: 

1. The main objective is customer satisfaction, the production of consumer-safe and quality products and the prevention of pollution. 

2. The Management will promote the necessary improvements to achieve the objectives and goals of Quality, environment as well as a culture of food safety throughout the organization. 

3. The company is fully committed to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and those associated with our product (food safety, environmental media, quality, legality and specifications). 

4. Quality, Environment and Food Safety mentioned goals require the collaboration and participation of all levels and for this reason information, communication and training are indispensable. 

5. All staff must accept the commitment to improve quality, prevent contamination and maintain food safety within the field of their workplace. 

6. The Management is committed to comply with the current legislation, the prevention of contamination and the continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management System. Failures should be used to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that have generated them. 

7. It is the responsibility of the entire Organization to comply with the provisions of this Management System. 

8. The company is aware of its ethical and social responsibility and the importance of the well-being of its workers. 

9. A fair, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with all our suppliers and stakeholders. 

The Management of TRISELECTA S.A. ensures that its Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy is understood and accepted by all staff; and with the help of internal audits verifies that the Management System maintains its efficiency and adequacy.